Who we are:
Peter Johnston:
A Broadcast Engineer specializing in technical management of TV production and TV system builds
Yorkshire Television - Engineering Manager
​Planet 24 - Director Of Technical Operations (The Big Breakfast CH4/Survivor ITV)
One-Ten Productions Ltd - Technical Director

Christina Sayers:
​A working lifetime in television covering all aspects of production to senior management
​​BBC - News Transmission Assistant
TV AM - Senior Live Script Supervisor (HOD)
​ITV - Senior Live Script Supervisor
​ITV - Live Director current affairs
Freelance Live Director
Taylor Made Films - Head Of Production/Director
Planet 24 - Production Executive/Director

​One Ten Productions - Production Director

What we do:
Production & Technical Consultancy
Emerging Technology Consultations
Production Management
Technical Management
Studio Design (Architectural & System)
Post Production Design (Architectural & System)
Project Management
System Integration

What we've managed:
Objective Productions – Head Of Technical Operations
The Cube (ITV) / Reflex (BBC) / Derren Brown (Live TX Ch4)
Princess Productions – Head Of Technical Operations
The Wright Stuff (Live TX Ch5) / T4 (Live TX Ch4) / Sunday Brunch (Live TX CH4) / Got To Dance (Live TX Sky 1) /
The Great Garden Challenge (Live TX Ch4) / Mel & Sue (Live TX ITV)
Superhero TV - Head Of Technical Operations – What’s Cooking (Live TX CH4)
Miss World Organisation – Head Of Technical Operations - Miss World China 2003 & 2004 (Live TX World Wide)
Ginger/UMTV/Olga – Head Of Technical Operations
TFI Friday (Live TX Ch4) / Terry & Gaby (Live TX Ch5) / Chris Moyles Live (Live TX Ch5) / TFI Friday 2015 (Live TX CH4)
2ndAct Productions - Head Of Technical Operations - The Nightly Show (Live TX ITV)
Endemol Shine North - Technical Management Outside Broadcasts - The NHS Sigalong (Live ITV)
North By North Media - Every Trick In The Book (Pilot) - Timefreeze Management
GooWoo Media - Technical Management - Do The Right Thing (Live TX CH5)

What we've built:
Princess Productions – 6 Camera TV Studio/22 Edit Suites/3 Audio Suites
Objective Productions – 6 Camera TV Studio/21 Edit Suites/Audio Suite
Shine TV – 15 Edit Suites
ETV – 6 Camera TV Studio/4 camera TV Studio/4 Edit Suites
Sharqiya TV – 4 Camera News Studio
ANN – 6 Camera New Studio
Riverside TV – 8 Camera TV Studio
Olga TV – Temorary Studio TFI Friday/4 Edit Suites
Freuds – 4 Camera TV Studio
Bounce Live – 3 Camera Automated Studio
Visit London – 4 Camera TV Studio
Superhero TV – 7 Camera TV Studio
Rapid Pictures – Audio Suite
​2ndAct Productions - 6 Camera TV Studio/3 Edit Suites
​Cats On The Roof Media - Temporary Studio - The Nightly Show/6 Edit Suites

GooWoo Media - Temporary Studio - Do The Right Thing

Other Clients:
Horse Racing Ireland
Shine4 TV
Play To Win
Spectra Media
Square One Media
Soho House Group
Shine TV
Visit London
Bannana Split
Enteraction TV
Rapid Post Production
Sharqiya TV
Optormistic Entertainment
Betty TV
Premium TV
Arab News Network
Riverside TV
Bounce TV
IncediBull TV​

Avalon (Ireland)
GooWoo Media